Asbestos in homes

Demolition project overview

The former Acrow steel works site. Assisting and working alongside the Ecological people to remove, stockpile and seal large topsoil areas to the front of the site over a 3 week perio., Asbestos cement sheet removal under the supervision of a licensed Bat ecologist following Natural England license, we also put into place and maintained badger exclusion zones.

The main works: Asbestos removal and Demolition of 11 large industrial buildings including slabs and foundations of the former Acrow steel works in Ashdon Road, Saffron Walden.

Demolition of Acrow steel works

Demolition complexaties

The works were carried out over a 26 week period in this time we demolished 11 buildings, recycling 2000 tons of assorted metals, broke up, removed and crushed some 12 acres of concrete slabs which produced some 25,000 tons of crushed concrete to be used in the re-development program. The asbestos removal works took place under fully controlled conditions produced 120ton of waste which went to a licensed landfill site.

The works also had to be carried out around the CLH Government high pressure Pipeline system which require regular liaison with the Fisher German. Once the demolition works had been carried out we undertook the site remediation cut and fill exercise. The site remediation works consisted of identification and removal of contaminated ground to the sites of former fuel storage areas, this also included an area of asbestos contaminated ground and Japanese Knotweed.

When the remediation works had been signed off we started with the site regarding / cut and fill which consisted of removal, movement and relaying in layers of some 16,000m3 of muck and then capping with a 350mm layer of crush concrete in 2 layers which took 19-20,000 tons of material the final finished level only had a tolerance of +/- 50mm this was over the main redevelopment area which was 29,250m2

Cabinet Office

Demolition of the former Cabinet Office training facility at County Farm, which was a large 1970s steel frame building including the slabs, foundations, hardstanding’s & removal of all below ground obstructions, crushing of

Blackburn Tyres Demolition

Hankook Tyres

Hankook Tyres was one of the distribution offices for Hankook Group. The building suffered a fire 3 years ago and  Total Demolition Services has been appointed to completely demolish the building in January 2021

Demolition of old RBS Bank

RBS Bank Demolition

Total Demolition Services are due to commence demolition works on the old RBS Bank in Lancaster in January 2021. The project includes asbestos removal, complete demolition and waste removal. The full case studies will be uploaded on completion. 

Asbestos removal Total Demolition

Barn Demolition

Total Demolition Service have commenced the demolition works on the old barn in Clitheroe, Lancashire. The project includes removal of asbestos, and removal and disposal of the structure The full case study will be uploaded shortly.

Castle House the former Barclay Card office Total Demolition

Castle House

Total Demolition Services was awarded the demolition and site clearance of Castle House the former Barclay Card office building built in the 1980`s and situated on Marefair in Northampton.

Bridge House Demolition

Bridge House

The iconic mural on the side of Bridge House in Peterborough city centre has been successfully removed by Total Demolition Services, but the search to find a new home for it continues.

Acrow steel demolition project case studies

Acrow Steelworks

The former Acrow steel works site. Assisting and working alongside the Ecological people to remove, stockpile and seal large topsoil areas to the front of the site over a 3 week period. 

Demolition of B&Q Total Demolition

Demolition of B&Q

Total Demolition has started the demolition works on a former hardware store as plans to regenerate the South Bank of the River Nene move into full swing. After knocking down the B&Q store.

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