Demolition of Bridge House

Bridge house demolition project overview

The iconic mural on the side of Bridge House in Peterborough city centre has been successfully removed by Total Demolition Services, but the search to find a new home for it continues.

The landmark mural has been removed from the building on Town Bridge by workmen over the past few weeks.

The 56-year-old mural was split up into 91 slabs, measuring one metre squared, by workmen from Total Demolition Services and the slabs have been placed in storage at nearby warehouses.

Demolition of Bridge House in Peterborough

Bridge house removal complexities

The removal, which was completed earlier this month, was carried out as part of the demolition of Bridge House which is being knocked down as part of plans to re-generate the city’s South Bank area. But planning bosses at Peterborough City Council say they are no closer to finding a permanent home for the mural. Geoff Badger, building services manager for the council, said: The removal of the mural went completely to plan, the demolition contractor took very precise care to remove all the slabs and keep them in perfect condition.

There were no hiccups whatsoever and the whole process only took just over two weeks. The slabs have gone into storage at warehouses and the next stage of the process is to find a new home for the mural. That search is still on-going, and we will continue to be looking at several options. Council leader Cllr Marco Cereste said several obstacles needed to be overcome to find the mural a new home including finding a space large enough to display it. City historians had previously voiced their concerns about the mural languishing in storage for a lengthy period.

Chairman of Peterborough Civic Society Peter Lee said: the mural is put into storage then someone will have to pay to re-erect it. I can imagine the council saying sorry, but we do not have the money. The mural features luminaries like Archimedes, Sir Isaac Newton and scholar Thomas Bradwardine and also figures from mythology including Nusuki, the Assyrian god of light and fire, and Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom and the arts, and celebrates the growth of science and engineering.

Cabinet Office

Demolition of the former Cabinet Office training facility at County Farm, which was a large 1970s steel frame building including the slabs, foundations, hardstanding’s & removal of all below ground obstructions, crushing of

Blackburn Tyres Demolition

Hankook Tyres

Hankook Tyres was one of the distribution offices for Hankook Group. The building suffered a fire 3 years ago and  Total Demolition Services has been appointed to completely demolish the building in January 2021

Demolition of old RBS Bank

RBS Bank Demolition

Total Demolition Services are due to commence demolition works on the old RBS Bank in Lancaster in January 2021. The project includes asbestos removal, complete demolition and waste removal. The full case studies will be uploaded on completion. 

Asbestos removal Total Demolition

Barn Demolition

Total Demolition Service have commenced the demolition works on the old barn in Clitheroe, Lancashire. The project includes removal of asbestos, and removal and disposal of the structure The full case study will be uploaded shortly.

Castle House the former Barclay Card office Total Demolition

Castle House

Total Demolition Services was awarded the demolition and site clearance of Castle House the former Barclay Card office building built in the 1980`s and situated on Marefair in Northampton.

Bridge House Demolition

Bridge House

The iconic mural on the side of Bridge House in Peterborough city centre has been successfully removed by Total Demolition Services, but the search to find a new home for it continues.

Acrow steel demolition project case studies

Acrow Steelworks

The former Acrow steel works site. Assisting and working alongside the Ecological people to remove, stockpile and seal large topsoil areas to the front of the site over a 3 week period. 

Demolition of B&Q Total Demolition

Demolition of B&Q

Total Demolition has started the demolition works on a former hardware store as plans to regenerate the South Bank of the River Nene move into full swing. After knocking down the B&Q store.

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