Demolition dust control overview

During the demolition process, dust is a considerable hazard which needs to be controlled. Among the possible control measures are damping down the process down with water, the sheeting of disposal lorries as they leave the demolition site to prevent the generation of dust and the provision of filters or covers to site drainage systems to prevent the risk of them silting up.

A restriction on the speed of vehicles on the site and the regular cleaning of roads will also help to reduce the dust level. Mud on the roads, which will cause dust, can be alleviated by providing “stones-up” vehicle routes, ensuring that vehicles pass through a wheel wash before leaving the project, and by setting up procedures for regular road cleaning and sweeping. Designating the vehicle routes to and from the site would also limit the number of affected roads. 

Dust and fumes from site machinery and smoke from burning timber waste can further exacerbate the dust problem. As stressed earlier, asbestos dust is a particularly hazardous problem that can only be addressed by experts.

Demolition dust control

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