What is demolition

Demolition,  is the process of deconstructing an existing defective building in safely and efficiently sequence. The demolition process usually involves methodically taking a building apart while carefully trying preserving valuable elements of the building for future reuse or sale purposes.

The first stage of any demolition project is to conduct a Refurbishment and Demolition Survey, the survey will highlight any asbestos within the associated building and identify what type of asbestos it is and how it must be removed.

There are additional procedures that must be completed beforehand, including performing asbestos survey, removing chemical waste or regulated materials, obtaining necessary permits, submitting necessary notifications, disconnection of services, rodent control and the implementation of site-specific health and safety work plans.

Demolition process

The demolition process

High reach machines are normally used for tall buildings where explosive demolition is not possible.

Demolition excavators with specialist shear attachments are used to cut steel structural elements. Hydraulic hammers attachments are often used for concrete structures and concrete processing attachments are used to crush concrete to a manageable size so it can be removed from site safely, they are also used to remove steel which is in-bedded into the concrete.

For tall concrete buildings, where neither explosive nor high-rise demolition with an excavator is safe or practical, the “inside-out” method is used, whereby remotely operated mini-excavators demolish the building from the inside, whilst maintaining the outer walls of the building as a scaffolding, as each floor is demolished.

To control dust, fire hoses or jetting machines are used to suppress the dust during the demolition stage. Hoses may be held by site demolition team, secured in fixed allocated  locations, or attached to tall objects to gain elevation.

Demolition process

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